In the last installment of this series we briefly discussed what phase changes had to do with the cold. This time we will be delving into the science behind cold and what energy has to do with it.

Last time the example of water to ice was used to begin to explain what cold is. This phase shift occurs because the energy of the liquid water is being lost, and when the energy is lost the H2O molecules stop moving and become still, forming the solid of ice. Through this example it can be observed that cold is essentially a lack of energy. Voila! Cold is simply that, a lack of energy while heat is the presence of energy. Wait, but what about refrigerators? They create cold don’t they? Not exactly, they use technology such as a compressor to essentially such out the heat. This is why when the power goes off the inside of the refrigerator gets warm; there is nothing to pull out the heat, or energy, from the food. So technically, cold is not a state, but is rather a lack of heat. But where does energy come from? Well the short answer is that energy comes from everything: a person, an object, an animal. This is because energy and heat come from matter, and everything is matter. Another fun fact about this truth is that because everything is matter, and thus has heat/energy, we will never be able to know how cold the universe can get because to measure temperature you need a thermometer, which is matter. So by putting a thermometer in the coldest spot of the universe you would warm it up!

Next time in this series we will explore some of the science behind the different measures of temperature! Stay tuned. While you wait for the next installment, give Goosebumps Cryotherapy a call! We have the only full body cryotherapy chamber in Colorado Springs! Explore cryogenic chamber therapy health benefits today!