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Reduce Inflammation with Goosebumps Cryotherapy

Pain Management

(reduces inflammation)

Whole body Cryotherapy treatments, which take just 3 minutes, can provide long-lasting natural pain relief for injuries, muscle fatigue, chronic conditions, and recovery after surgery.

Cryotherapy treatments can help lessen or eliminate many types of acute or chronic pain, including:

• back pain
• hip pain
• knee pain
• neck pain
• joint pain
• arthritis pain


Reduce Inflammation and Pain

If you’ve had a recent injury, exercised way too much for your body or have reoccurring pain from arthritis or other condition, you’ll reduce inflammation and pain with a two minute cryotherapy session. Cryotherapy isn’t new, but it is newer to the U.S. It’s been used in Europe and Japan for over three decades and was originally used to help reduce the pain of arthritis. If you’ve ever used an ice pack to reduce pain, you’ve used a form of cryotherapy. Cryochambers can help your whole body in just two to three minutes.

Athletes use cryochambers to replace the ice bath.
While the chamber is chilling, most athletes agree that it’s not nearly as bad facing two to three minutes of it, compared to the ten minute ice bath they used to endure to help injuries.There are also studies now showing that not only do people feel better after using the chamber, they also have fewer blood markers showing inflammation. A test first done by a French researcher compared two groups of runners after a grueling workout. One entered a whole body cryotherapy chamber each day for five days and the other sat quietly for 30 minutes to rest muscles. The group using the chamber had less inflammation after the first day and continued progressing each day.

Cryochambers have no side effects.

People in pain, particularly those with chronic conditions such as inflammatory arthritis, often turn to new drugs to help relieve the pain. However, as with any drug, there are also side effects. Some of these anti-inflammatory drugs may be auto-immune suppressing, cause stomach problems or other concerning side effects. Studies now show that using a cryochamber not only helps reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as reducing pain, it also has no negative side effects.

What do freezing temperatures have to do with pain?

When you go out in the cold, your body sends most of your blood to your vital organs, such as your heart and brain. The chamber is so cold it creates this instantly and you don’t have to spend nearly the same amount of time to get the effect. As you warm, the body rushes blood to the extremities and the areas of injury or damage. It brings with it anti-inflammatory markers, as it also brings hormones that relieve pain.

Many people try cryochambers because they’ve found ice packs help relieve pain, but it requires using them for hours. The cryochambers work in two to three minutes.

Cryochambers have no negative side effects, so people often give it a try as a last resort, only to find it brings almost instant relief.

A session at a cryochamber can help you sleep better at night, something pain won’t normally allow.

You’ll feel your mood improve after using a cryochamber. Not only does the icy blast stimulate pain relieving hormones, it also stimulates the production of “feel-good” hormones, such as endorphins.


Reduce Inflammation with Goosebumps Cryotherapy

Health and Well Being

  • Stimulates anti-inflammatory response
  • Boosts immune system
  • Improves sleep and decreases stress
  • Detoxifies and enhances circulation
  • Increases metabolic rate
Reduce Inflammation with Goosebumps Cryotherapy

Sports Recovery

  • Relieves soreness and inflammation
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Reduces post-workout recovery time
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Speeds recovery after injury or surgery
Reduce Inflammation with Goosebumps Cryotherapy


  • Reduces cellulite
  • Tightens and rejuvenates skin
  • Treats skin disorders
  • Boosts collagen natural production
  • Diminishes varicose veins
Reduce Inflammation with Goosebumps Cryotherapy

Weight Loss

Cryotherapy can enhance collagen production in skin, reduce cellulite, improve skin conditions and burn calories. Combined with a balanced diet and a steady workout plan, cryotherapy for weight loss can help to burn additional calories in just a single three-minute treatment, with some of our clients experiencing additional caloric burn after a treatment; however the results may vary based on the individual. Cryotherapy for weight loss is the latest trend combining cutting-edge technology and science to help people lose weight naturally. Our non-invasive procedures can help increase blood circulation throughout the body and boost the delivery of oxygenated blood, in cases helping you increase your metabolic rate and shed the extra weight.

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