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Welcome To Goosebumps:

At Goosebumps Cryotherapy we promise a positive, adventurous, community-focused experience that enables the flow and advancement of knowledge and well-being to all.

Our commitment to unwavering client satisfaction utilizing BALANCED holistic healthy healing.

Our pledge: Provide VALUED cryotherapy services with SINCERITY, dignity and reliability for specific client needs, desires and/or outcomes.


By emerging the body in extremely cold temperature`s

(-160F to -260F) for 2 to 3 minutes,

Whole Body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. 

Full Body Cryotherapy


Walk into our chamber for up to 3 minutes for a chilling, invigorating, experience of a lifetime! Whole body cryotherapy exposes the body’s outer layer to extreme cold. A reaction in the central nervous system is triggered, causing a natural anti-inflammatory response and the release of endorphins resulting in a flushing of toxins and a surge of energy.

Cryotherapy Facials


Using the CryoPenguin, nitrogen cooled air is applied to the face, neck and scalp. This procedure can decrease pore size, stimulate collagen production, and improve skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema. Facials are also used to reduce and eliminate headaches and migraines, improve sinus conditions and reduce pain and swelling due to dental procedures.

Cryotherapy Spot Treatments


The CryoPenguin allows for pinpoint, targeted application of cryotherapy, similar to but more effective and faster than the application of ice packs. Used in conjunction with the whole body cryotherapy, 4 to 6 minutes of localized cryotherapy brings relief to the muscular aches and soreness associated with strenuous athletic activity, inflammation and surgical recovery.

Cryotherapy Spot Treatments


Localized cryotherapy can help your pets reduce pain and inflammation, improve skin conditions, and speed recovery from injury or surgery.

Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say!

Cryotherapy is a great choice for adults because it is a low-risk treatment, it improves the body’s metabolism, and it promotes organ health along with good blood circulation.

Cryotherapy is especially effective for treating people who suffer from depression, feeling exhausted all the time, restless sleep, rheumatoid arthritis, general fatigue, joint pain, and much more.

Cryotherapy also does wonders for your skin!

Goosebumps Cryotherapy
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Monica Ann
Monica Ann
00:23 22 Mar 21
This place is amazing. I've been dealing with pain since 02 because of a car accident. And I was truly amazed on how... one session lasted me the whole two weeks with pain free. I've only been here twice I'll keep going. Steve and Donna are very friendly and informative thank youread more
Bethaney Rogers
Bethaney Rogers
20:24 05 Feb 21
Super friendly staff, they walked me thru every step and answered all my questions. Very clean, cute decor, easy... appointment booking too. They customize your experience, so it is all about you. Definitely going back.read more
Amir Amirsadeghi
Amir Amirsadeghi
17:46 14 Jan 21
This center is perhaps one of the best I have seen in the USA! The flow of the center, their knowledge, and how they... treat people is second to none!!! Amazing, love it.read more
Carrie Martin
Carrie Martin
14:50 20 Dec 20
What a great experience. This was my first time and the process was explained so well. Every step of the way. Had so... much fun and I really loved how I felt after.read more
Lee Maese
Lee Maese
00:44 09 Dec 20
The staff is friendly and amazing with their knowledge of this product. I'm addicted to it. My sleeping patterns have... improved my energy levels have improved and all my little aches and pains from just everyday living seem to disappear every time I use this service. If you haven't tried this yet give it a try you will not regret it.read more
Irvin Ortiz
Irvin Ortiz
20:11 17 Oct 20
Had my first Cryotherapy session and it was an amazing experience! Very professional and make you feel comfortable from... the moment you walk in. They play the music of your preference if you do a whole body chamber and they have a hot robe waiting for you as soon as you come out. The experience is thrilling and makes you want to come back for more sessions. Bottom line; go get a freeze.read more
Janet Briggs
Janet Briggs
19:34 30 Sep 20
The staff was amazing. I was very nervous but they kept me calm and explained everything very well. I appreciated that... they would keep telling me how much time I had left. It was very well worth it!read more
Thomas Terrell
Thomas Terrell
23:18 25 Sep 20
I went down to nearly 200 degrees below zero in the total body chamber and then I did a spot treatment on my strained... shoulder. I felt immediate relief and the staff was very knowledgeable. The place is also as cozy as home. As a fitness professional, I highly recommend Goosebumps Cryotherapy for all of the benefits benefits it offers 🏋🏽😎read more
Paula Glass
Paula Glass
23:11 21 Sep 20
My friends and I had a BLAST at Goosebumps Cryotherapy! Although we could only go one at a time for our facials, there... are TWO wonderful waiting areas and LOTS of beverage choices. The facial itself was DIVINE! Thank you so much for a fun afternoonread more
Pintsize Puncher
Pintsize Puncher
22:20 17 Sep 20
This place is breathtaking! It is very cozy and comfortable. The facility is very spacey and beautifully decorated for... a pleasant environment. It feels more homey than a business. We loved and recommend this place to anyone that has a curiosity for cryotherapy. Great deals and top of the line equipment. They are very organized and extremely thorough in everything they do as well as well educated. I cannot day enough amazing things about Goosebumps! Thank you!!!!!read more
S Ruth
S Ruth
20:36 15 Aug 20
OMG!!Where do I begin!! I'll just show you what an awesome job Debbie & Donna (owners) & Steve are doing!!Customer... service✔️Clean ✔️Urgency ✔️Price✔️Spacing✔️Coffee ✔️Tea✔️read more
Kelsey Alderson
Kelsey Alderson
20:05 20 Jul 20
This is the best Cryotherapy spot you’ll find! All the staff is so friendly and hospitable. The facility itself is... immaculately clean and has a comfortable feel too. We recommend all of our friends and family members to Goosebumps Cryotherapy.read more
Rachael Meir
Rachael Meir
18:45 09 Jun 20
First cryotherapy experience! I must say, for someone who hates to be cold, this was WAY easier than I thought it would... be! Granted I was only in the "beginner" level which is 166 degrees BELOW zero for 2 minutes, I'm already looking forward to my next session which goes up to 184 degrees below zero for 2:30 minutes. But I plan to build up all the way to "pro" at stay in for 3 minutes at a whopping 220 degrees below!! 🤣 🥶Also, if you're in the Springs, HUGE shout out to the folks at Goosebumps ... AMAZING experience all the way around! Welcoming, knowledgeable, and super friendly!! ❤️read more
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Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

  • Feeling sluggish? WBC boosts metabolism and gives you the kick start needed to get moving.
  • Stiff and sore? WBC accelerates recovery.
  • Suffering from auto immune disorders? WBC reduces inflammation helping you feel better.
  • Hung over? One three minute WBC treatment with 2 bottles of H2O gets you back on track.

Local Cryotherapy

When combined with WBC, local icing with our cryo Penguin is effective for targeting specific sore body parts.

It helps reduce pain and inflammation with aliments such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, carpel tunnel, etc. not to mention enhancing recovery post workout.

It can even offer migrane relief!

CryoFacials (recovering your youth) – Reduce the visible signs of aging.


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