Perfect skin. Everyone wants it. From people in South Korea to people in the United States, lovely skin is a much desired and sought-after goal. This is why people spend tons of money on creams, lotions, and soaps—to get beautiful, natural, and healthy-looking skin. But what if I told you that though these products can help, there is a better, simpler, and chemical-free way to get radiant skin? Well great news, there is! It’s called Cryotherapy! Cryotherapy is a natural and effective way to enhance your skin.

What are some benefits of Cryotherapy for skin? Well there are two main benefits that arise from these treatments. The first is generally clearer skin. This clear skin is caused by two effects from the cryotherapy treatment: pore shrinking and toxin removal. When skin is exposed to cold the pores shrink to try and keep heat in, and this shrinking helps reduce the amount of dirt that can get in. By minimizing the amount of dirt that can enter the pores, skin stays clear and clean. Toxin removal happens when the skin is put through a cryotherapy treatment; the expelling of these toxins help the natural oils keep the skin clear and healthy. The next benefit is a noticeable anti-aging effect that these treatments have on skin. The reason that these anti-aging effects happen is twofold. The first reason is that cryotherapy promotes collagen production and this production helps the skin stay tight and even. This tightness is then seen through the reduction of wrinkles. The combination of the evenness, tightness (and subsequent wrinkle reduction) are what create the anti-aging effects.

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Some information regarding the benefits of cryotherapy for the skin was used from Krion’s article.